Global Corporate Governance Institute





2014 Conference Program



First Annual Conference

August 14-15, 2014

University of Surrey

Surrey, U.K.



7:00 a.m.    -    9:00 a.m.        Breakfast available (for attendees staying on campus) – Hillside Restaurant

9:00 a.m.    -   5:00 p.m.        REGISTRATION – Management School Foyer

9:30 a.m.                              Official Opening of the Conference - Professor John Raftery, Vice Chancellor      and Chief Executive of London Metropolitan University - RM 1 (39 MS 02)


10 a.m.     -     11:15 a.m. SESSION ONE

RM 1 (39 MS 02) SEA-Expert Forum: Sustainable Finance and Value Creation – State of the Art and New Perspectives!

René Schmidpeter (moderator), Chair of International Business Ethics and CSR, Cologne Business School (CBS)

Ron Cambridge, London Metropolitan University, SEA Endorser

Nick Capaldi, Legendre-Soulé Distinguished Chair in Business Ethics, Loyola University New Orleans

Karen Wendt, International Expert, Responsible Investment Banking

Samuel Idowu, London Metropolitan University, Editor in Chief, Encyclopedia of CSR

Thomas Walker, International Expert, Integrative Management and CSR

Christian Rauscher, Senior Editor Springer, Journal and Series of CSR


11:15 a.m. Gower Publishing Book Launch "People, Planet and Profit" edited by one of the members of the Global Corporate Governance Institute Samuel O. Idowu and two others, Dr. Abubakar S. Kasum and Professor Asli Yuksel Mermod - Management School Foyer

Springer Publishing Book Launch "Public Management as Corporate Social Responsibility: The Economic Bottom Line of Government" by Massimiliano Di Bitetto, Athanasios Chymis, and Paolo D'Anselmi - Management School Foyer

11:15 a.m.  -    11:30 a.m.       Coffee Break – Management School Foyer (Coffee, Biscuits, Orange Juice, Fresh Fruit and Danish Pastry)


11:30 a.m.  -   1:00 p.m.        SESSION TWO

RM 1 (39 MS 02)       Sustainability

Chair:   Juniati Gunawan

van der Wal “Sustainability and Location: Spatial Patterns in Sustainable Consumer Behavior”

Abreu “Sustainable Development: Evidence from Thermal Spa”

Mohamed Shameer Thassim “Factors Affecting the Adoption of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives: A Qualitative Analysis of Multinational and Domestic Firms in Sri Lanka”

RM 2 (32 MS 03)        India & Pakistan

Chair:  R. Pillay

Das Gupta “Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Issues and the Beyond”

Gandhi “Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Apparel Industry”

RM 3 (72 MS 03)        Special Issues

Chair:  Rene Schmidpeter

D'Anselmi “Public Management as Corporate Social Responsibility: The Economic Bottom Line of Government”

Todorovic “Women on Corporate Boards:  Case of Companies Listed on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange”

Abubakar M. Dembo “The Impact of Sustainability Practices on Financial Performance:  Evidence from Listed Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria”


1:00 p.m.  -      2:00p.m.          Lunch – Management School Foyer


2:00p.m.   -     2:30p.m.         PLENARY: Life-Time Achievement Award to David Crowther RM 1 (39 MS 02)


2:30pm      -    3:45p.m.         SESSION THREE

RM 1 (39 MS 02)       Shareholders vs. Stakeholders

Chair: Nick Capaldi

Tanimoto “Implementation of CSR Management and Stakeholders Relations”

Maitland “Ten Bad Arguments Against Shareholder Primacy”

Høyer Toft “Liberal CSR and new Marxist criticism”

RM 2 (32 MS 03)        South-East Asia

Chair:  Marian Eabrasu

Franz “A Global Institution of Business? Comparing Role-of-Business Expectations in USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore”

Perdana “Proposed of Integrated Measurement Standards to Measure Sustainability Performance:  Evidence from Indonesia”

Gunawan “Integrated Report and Sustainability Report Framework: An Overview & Case Study from Indonesia”

RM 3 (72 MS 03)        Special Topics

Chair:  Rute Abreu 

Eweje/Sajjad “Motivators and Barriers to Sustainable Supply Chain Management:  Empirical Evidence from New Zealand”

Holtgrave/Nienaber “What Triggers Compliance? The Influence of Trust and Control in High Dependency Relationships”


3:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.      Tea Break - Management Foyer (Tea, Coffee, Cakes, and Orange Juice)       


4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.        SESSION FOUR

RM 2 (32 MS 03)        Middle-East  

Chair:   Rene Schmidpeter

Aldosari “Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Saudi Petrochemical Listed Companies”

Bouchra Hanna “Developing Financial and Social Impact Indicators for CSR Programs in Egypt: A Decision Making and Evaluation Tool Using the Balanced Scorecard”

Soliman “The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employees’ Commitment: An Empirical Investigation in Egypt

RM 3 (72 MS 03) Special Topics

Chair:  Hualiang Lu

Costa “The Concept of Value beyond Economics. Social and Philosophical Roots for CSR”

Eweje/Palakshappa "Stakeholder Collaboration as a Catalyst for Development: Company-NGO Partnerships"

Carsten Baumgarth & Holger Schmidt “Influence of Strategic Orientations on the Performance of Social Enterprises: A Conceptual Model”


5:15 p.m.                   Meeting of the Organizing Committee - RM 1 (39 MS 02)



7:00 a.m.    -    9:00 a.m.         Breakfast available (attendees staying on campus) – Hillside Restaurant

9:00 a.m.    -    12 noon           Registration Desk will be open – Management School Foyer        


9:00 a.m.   -    10:30 a.m.       SESSION FIVE                   

RM 1 (39 MS 02)       Accounting, Auditing, and Reporting

Chair:  Marian Eabrasu

Frederiksen “CSR Reporting - an Ethical Perspective”

Mead “Harmonisation of Auditing Requirements that Address the Importance of their Being Reliance in the Audit Report Content”

RM 2 (32 MS 03)        Banking

Chair:  Richard Ennals

Wendt “Investment Banking Between Crisis, Legitimicy Loss and Positive Impact Investment and Finance”

Adedoyin “An Exploratory Study of Corporate Governance Practices and Accountability Standards in the Nigerian Banking Sector”

RM 3 (72 MS 03)        Europe

Chair:  Rute Abreu

Lund Durlacher “Chain-wide CSR Policies and their Implementation in Individual Properties: The Case of International Hotels in Vienna, Austria”

Del Baldo “CSR, Shared Territorial Governance and Social Innovation. Some Exemplary Italian Paths”

Aluchna “Pyramidal Structures and Corporate Governance. The Initial Research Results from Polish Listed Companies”

Abreu/David “Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Portuguese Beverages Industry”


10:30 a.m.   -   10:45 a.m.       Coffee Break – Management School Foyer (Coffee, Biscuits, Orange Juice, Fresh Fruit, and Danish Pastry)


10:45 a.m.   -  12 noon           SESSION SIX

RM 1 (39 MS 02)       CSR West Africa

Chair:  R. Pillay

Aliyu “Multinational Companies Corporate Social Responsibility Performance in Lagos State, Nigeria: A Quantitative Analysis”

Nwankwo “Re-visiting the Corporate Social Responsibility Conflict in Niger Delta”

Inyang “Corporate Governance Regulatory Framework in Nigeria: The Offerings and Challenges”

RM 2 (32 MS 03)        Management

Chair:  Claus Frederiksen

Eabrasu “The Soft Consensus on Social Responsibility: An Illustration from the Making-Off of ISO 26000”

Godwyn “The Banality of Good and Evil: Ethics Courses in Business Management Education”

Ennals “Responsible Management: Lipstick or Empowerment”

RM 3 (72 MS 03)        Directors & CEOs

Chair:   Igor Todorovic

Ndzi “Executive Remuneration Benchmarking Method”

Branco “High CEO Pay Ratios Through the Eyes of Corporations”

Barker “Twenty-First Century Governance: Directors? Personal Liability for Corporate Inaction on Climate Change”


12 noon     -     1:00 p.m.         Lunch – Management School Foyer


1:00 p.m.   -    2:00 p.m.        PLENARY (Keynote Address by Ted Malloch) - RM 1 (39 MS 02)


2:00 p.m.   -    3:15 p.m.        SESSION SEVEN

RM 1 (39 MS 02)       Future

Chair: Samuel Idowu

Vertigans “Positioning International CSR Between Development and Post-colonial Studies: Ways Forward Based on the Mistakes of the Past”

Walker “Beyond CSR?  What Will be the 5th Generation (Along the CSR Maturity Model)?

Glauner “Ethics, Values and Corporate Cultures. A Wittgensteinian Approach in Understanding Corporate Action”

RM 2 (32 MS 03)        CSR & the BRICS

Chair:  Maria Aluchna

Abreu/Segura “Corporate Governance in Brazilian Public Companies: The Influence of the Founder in the Financial Decisions”

Chamisa “An Analysis of Corporate Governance and Company Performance: A South African Perspective”

Lu “Study on the CSR Cognition, Practice and Performance of SMEs in China”


3:15 p.m.   -     4:15 p.m.         Closing Reception – Management School Foyer