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The GCGI is a company limited by guarantee registered in England (Registration Number 13383517) and is managed by its three Executive Directors.  These three senior executives are supported by a Board of Directors whose role is to assist the GCGI in ensuring that the Institute continues to be fit for purpose.


Nicholas Capaldi

Professor in Business Ethics at Loyola University, New Orleans, USA.

Executive directors

Samuel O. Idowu


Senior Lecturer in Accounting at London Metropolitan University, UK

René Schmidpeter

Vice President

Professor at IU – International University, Munich, Germany

Nadia Nedzel

Deputy CEO

Professor of Law, J.D., LL.M. Emeritus

Southern. U. Law Center, 
Louisiana, USA

Belén díaz díaz

Vice President and Director of Operations

Associate Professor of Financial Economics University of Cantabria and SANFI 


28 people from 15 countries and 20 universities collaborate in the organization of the GCGI through its Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the Academic Advisory Committee.

Board of Directors

Academic Advisory Committee

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