Corporate Social Responsibility in a Dynamic Global Environment

Sustainable Management in Challenging Times


Editors: Irene Guia Arraiano, Belén Díaz, Mara Del Baldo, René Schmidpeter, Samuel O. Idowu

International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility

Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management

Global Challenges to CSR and Sustainable Development


Editors:Vertigans, Stephen, Idowu, Samuel O. (Eds.)

Analyzes the challenging and opposing factors against CSR programmes  and sustainable development

Resilience, Entrepreneurship and ICT


Editors: Halberstadt, J., Marx Gómez, J., Greyling, J., Mufeti, T.K., Faasch, H. (Eds.)

Demonstrates how entrepreneurship and ICT can be combined to develop sustainable solutions  Includes insights on various collaborative research projects between Germany and Southern African countries.

Accounting, Accountability and Society

Editors: Del Baldo, M., Dillard, J., Baldarelli, M.-G., Ciambotti, M. (Eds.)

Provides a diverse and up-to-date representation of the field of social and environmental accounting and reporting

Responsible Business in a Changing World


Editors: Díaz Díaz, B., Capaldi, N., Idowu, S.O., Schmidpeter, R. (Eds.)

Provides evidence for new approaches towards business sustainability.

International Dimensions of Sustainable Management


Editors: Schmidpeter, R., Capaldi, N., Idowu, S.O., Lotter, A. (Eds.)

Presents international research findings on sustainable management

Corporate Governance in Banking and Investor Protection


Editors: Díaz Díaz, Belén, Idowu, Samuel O., Molyneux, Philip (Eds.)

Presents a timely and comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of corporate governance in the financial sector

Includes case studies and best practices on corporate governance and investor protection
Provides international comparisons of corporate governance in banking before and after the crisis 

Responsible Corporate Governance


Editors: Aluchna, Maria, Idowu, Samuel O. (Eds.)

Addresses the criticism on corporate governance practice

Key Initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility


Editors: Samuel O. Idowu

Part of the CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance book series (CSEG)

Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe


Editors: Idowu, Samuel O., Schmidpeter, René, Fifka, Matthias S. (Eds.)

Presents a comprehensive pan-European overview of the state of CSR

Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility


Editors:  Idowu, S.O., Capaldi, N., Fifka, M., Zu, L., Schmidpeter, R. (Eds.)

Provides a comprehensive reference on all terms and concepts in corporate social responsibility

People, Planet and Profit

Apr. 17th, 2014

Editors: Samuel O. Idowu, Abubakar S. Kasum, and Asli Yuksel Mermod.

The contributions explain the developmental aspect of CSR from a conceptual perspective and provide empirical evidence of the impact of CSR delivery on stakeholders in different corners of the World.

CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance

Series Editors:  Idowu, Samuel O. (Ed.)


Offers comprehensive information on the state-of-the-art in CSR practices, overcoming emerging and developed countries alikeFocuses on instances of global CSR practicesProvides an overview of the development of CSR practices over the last decade.

CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance

Series Editors: Samuel O. Idowu and René Schmidpeter

Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility


Editors: Samuel O. Idowu, Nicholas Capaldi, Liangrong Zu, Ananda Das Gupta

The Death of Liberalism? An Interview With Nicholas Capaldi

We are very pleased and honored to present this interview with the renowned philosopher, Nicholas Capaldi, who is the Legendre-Soule Distinguished professor at Loyola University, New Orleans, USA. He is interviewed by Dr. Zbigniew Janowski, who himself is a philosopher and author of several important books and is currently working on a collection of articles, entitled, Gods Will Have Blood: Rise of Totalitarianism in America.

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