Dana Dima

Retail & Private Banking Executive Vice President of BCR, Member of the Management Board,

Forbes Romania Personality of the Year 2023

Lee Chien-Chiang

Professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Economics and Management of Nanchang University in China, the head of the International Institute of Energy Economics and Finance. He serves as the associate editor of Energy Economics, Economic Analysis and Policy, and Applied Economics, the international editor of Energy Journal, the subject editor of Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, the guest editor of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, and the Editor of Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

The main research fields are energy economics and finance, with interdisciplinary research characteristics. The ranking of global economists published by the world-renowned economic research database RePEc ranks among the top 1% in Asia. He was awarded “China’s highly cited scholar” by Elsevier, and published more than 300 SSCI papers as the first author or corresponding author.

Relevant research has been cited by peers at home and abroad for more than 29200 times. He has published authoritative international economics and finance journals, including the Journal of Banking and Finance; Journal of Money, Credit and Banking; Journal of International Money and Finance; Pacific-Basin Finance Journal; Journal of Futures Markets; Ecological Economics; Energy Economics; Energy Journal; Applied Energy etc.